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Travelers for Truth

Evangelistic Series for Kids

Michigan Children’s Ministries presents Travelers for Truth:

An Evangelistic Series for Kids.  Travel through God’s Word and discover truth in exciting Bible stories, crafts, snacks, games, memory verses, and theme song.  All resources for Travelers for Truth will be available for no charge at  Use this kids’ program with your church’s Discovering Revelation this fall. 

Program Instructions

  1. Click on Travelers for Truth Complete Program to get started.

    • Download the Complete Program, which includes all printables.  You can also search individually for printables on a separate link on this site. 

  2. Gather your materials: The Bible Story Volumes 1-10 by Arthur S. Maxwell, craft materials, snack stuff, and game supplies.

    • The Bible Story is available for purchase through the Literature Department at the Michigan Conference for $136.32.  They are available in English and Spanish.  You can also find them at

    • Audio CDs are also available for purchase at

    • You may also choose to listen to a similar story from Your Story Hour’s Bible Comes Alive albums found on or purchased through

  3. Choose how to present your Bible Story.  You may choose to read the lesson directly from The Bible Story series by Arthur S. Maxwell or you can summarize the story in your own words.  Feel free to use our ideas for Bible Story Props and Discussion Questions listed in each lesson.

  4. Select your schedule.

    • 1 Hour: Songs, Story, Craft or Snack, Game​

      • Welcome & Song Service (5-7 minutes)

      • Bible Story (15 minutes)

      • Craft/Snack (20 minutes)

      • Games (15 minutes)

      • Closing Theme Song & Prayer (3-5 minutes)

    • 1 ¼ or 1 ½ Hour: Songs, Story, Craft, Snack, Game​

      • Welcome & Song Service (5-7 minutes)​

      • Bible Story (15 minutes)

      • Snack (20 minutes)

      • Craft (20 minutes)

      • Games (15 minutes)

      • Closing Theme Song & Prayer (3-5 minutes)

  5. ​​Read through the instructions for each lesson.  There is one lesson planned for each night.  Many of the ideas in here come from Pinterest and similar websites.  We have tried to give the authors credit whenever we could find their information.

    1. Check the website for the theme song, memory verse song, and additional video helps.​

  6. Teach the memory verses during your Welcome and Bible Story.  Keep repeating it throughout the meeting.  (All scriptures are from the New King James Version.)
  7. Pray for the Lord to send you volunteers and children!​


Theme Audio
John 14:6 Audio
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