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Mission Cruise VBS 2023

Join us at Mission Cruise Vacation Bible School, as we learn about God's love for us and the purpose He has for you.  This year's VBS will help you make waves for Jesus in your community while participating in crafts, snacks, BIble stories, games, international recipes, dress up days, and more. 

This program sets sail February 12, 2023.  

Make Waves for Jesus

Make Waves for Jesus

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Make Waves for Jesus Theme Song

Make waves for Jesus

Waves that roll so high, so high

It's time to witness

And be anchored in His love.


Daily Themes

Each day's theme will teach you how to travel on your own missionary journey with Jesus.

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Mission Cruise Bible Stories.png


Bible Stories

Travel with Paul as he learns how to make waves for Jesus.


Costume Ideas

Day 1: Cruise Employee

Day 2: Exotic Animal

Day 3: International Dress

Day 4: VBS T-Shirt

Day 5: Tourist Day

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