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Video Resources

Nature Nuggets

These awesome Nature Nuggets are done by our very own Dr. Gordon Atkins. They're great for personal use or your church event.

Dr. Atkins.jpg

Camp WannaGo

Join Mrs. Canada and Mrs. Spare as they take us through ten days of exciting camping tips, recipes, crafts, and more.

Camp WannaGo.PNG

Friends & Praise

Sabbath School

Watch these full hour Sabbath School programs with themes such as the Second Coming, B-I-B-L-E, Armor of God, and Book of Daniel.

Sarah in SS.jpg

Pastor Craig's Stories

Enjoy Pastor Craig's stories 

from his childhood with his 

cousins Randy and Ronnie 

and other friends!

Pastor Craig.webp

Have fun on the farm as we learn about the faithfulness that God had for Joseph. Enjoy crafts, snacks, Bible stories, and a daily challenge!

Naomi in Bible Costume.PNG

Travelers for Truth

Evangelistic Series

Enjoy the Travelers for Truth theme song, memory verse song, and craft helps for this evangelistic series just for kids

Theme Song.png
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