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Mystery in the Middle East
Theme Song

Who? Who? It's Jesus, a Jew from Bethlehem.

What? What? He is enough. He is the Mystery Man.

Look up. Look down. Look all around.

Are there clues you can see?

It's time to solve the mystery in the MIddle East!

Mystery in the Middle East Theme Song

Mystery in the Middle East Theme Song

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VBS T Shirt Design

Download this design:


Daily Mystery Word

Each day you will search for a mystery word to teach you more about the Mystery Man, Jesus.

  • J is for Jewish

  • E is for Enough

  • S is for Supernatural

  • U is for Unbelieveable

  • S is for Savior 

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Bible Stories

Travel with us to uncover clues about the mysterious happenings over in the Middle East.  Listen carefully as the Good News Clues reporters reveal more about this Mystery Man that changes the lives of all He comes in contact with.


Costume Ideas

Day 1: Bible Character

Day 2: News Reporter

Day 3: Middle Eastern Animal

Day 4: VBS T-Shirt

Day 5: Archeologist 

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